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Why 5-hour ENERGY® Is The Best Choice For Your Afternoon Pick Me Up, Explained In Memes

5-Hour Energy - Think Of It As A Second Coffee

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When words fail, memes speak. Sigmeme Freud said that, I believe.

We’ve been tasked with writing a piece exalting the merits of the iconic 5-hour ENERGY®—a product we use and love when it comes to a little after-lunch pick-me-up. We began writing a long-winded testimonial about the energizing blend of essential B vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients that provide a clean, focused energy without the crash. We moaned on about how 5-hour ENERGY® is the obvious choice for the 2:30 pm slump.

See, the problem is that coffee just has unrivaled PR. There are coffee shops everywhere and they’re always nickel-and-diming us for the escapism they provide when you need to get out of the office for a couple minutes to collect yourself and get away from Kelly in finance’s stories about a certain pop-country icon’s concert tour.

Then, we deleted it all.

In this culture of instant gratification, we began to feel like a think piece about an energy drink was like writing the Terms and Conditions for an in-app purchase or the instructions for an in-flight vomit bag. A fruitless endeavor.

Give the people what they want. Just like grabbing for a 5-Second coffee when you need a little energy, the people want the memes.

Here are the memes – the proper way to illustrate how 5-hour ENERGY® is the perfect fuel to reach for over coffee. There’s just enough caffeine, in addition to essential B vitamins, amino acids, and nutrients to get you dialed in for the afternoon.

If more people’s shopping haul looked like this, everyone would have the energy to return the cart to its designated spot. The world would be a much kinder place.

Find you a bestie who supports your interests as if they’re her own…

Dog wearing a 5-hour ENERGY bandana

POV: You and the fellas are about to compete in the most wonderfully intense ping pong tournament of all-time.

Two men cheersing with 5-hour ENERGY shots

Has anyone ever set the course record while three-putting a par 3? Challenge accepted.

Putting green with a putter and a golf ball and a 5-hour ENERGY bottle

Keep your cap on, Short King. Nice guys finish last, because they’ve got the energy to outlast.

Sad 5-hour ENERGY with bouquet of roses

I feel like I’m getting a bit wordy, so I’ll close with this: the next time you hit the postprandial stoop (after lunch crash) or are searching for the strength to make it to the gym after conference room pizza, pass up on the coffee run and reach for a 5-hour ENERGY® to power through so these memes don’t go in vain.