Pump Your Music No Matter How Crappy Your Car Stereo Is With This Wireless Bluetooth FM Transmitter

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Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit

Did your great Aunt Helen recently kick the bucket and leave you her 1994 Cadillac Eldorado? First off, my condolences. Secondly, does the sweet old school ride not have an auxiliary audio jack for you to play your music on your phone? Fear not. This FM transmitter radio adaptor car kit will allow you to pump Lil Yachty through your system.

This wireless Bluetooth FM transmitter radio adapter car kit from VicTsing allows you to play your favorite music even if your car’s head unit is from the Triassic period and has a cassette deck. The unit features a 1.44-inch display so you can take command of the music. Plus, it will make your travel even safer since it will broadcast your incoming phone calls over the car’s stereo.

The device has a voice prompt to tell you whether you are successfully connected or not. Then it will automatically connect the next time.

The USB slot will allow you to charge your phone.

This unit has a 4.2 rating on over 250 customer reviews.

So don’t let the music stop just because your car stereo sucks.

Purchase: $23.99 (40% OFF!!)

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