This Wooden Crossbow Fires Marshmallows Up To 60 Feet

MMX Vancouver’s Marshmallow Crossbow

Your camping trips are about to change forever thanks to this handmade wooden crossbow that fires marshmallows up to 60 feet away. Actually, there’s no reason at all that you need to use this exclusively on camping trips. Frankly, you can also make balls of aluminum foil and fire those instead of marshmallows and you can have epic wars around the house/backyard/wherever.

The MMX Vancouver’s Marshmallow Crossbow, aka ‘Mallow Bow’, is a handmade wood crossbow made in Vancouver using old-school woodworking techniques. You can fire marshmallows up to 60 feet away and beeline them across the room/campsite at your bros. All you do is load up the marshmallow, pull back the bowstring, and fired the trigger.

No great camping trip is complete without a bag of marshmallows used to make s’mores around the fire. You’ve already got the marshmallows on hand, so why not pick up MMX Vancouver’s Marshmallow Crossbow and bring your camping trip to the next level?


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