Is This Working Hoverboard Real or Total Bullshit?

by 5 years ago


We all want this to be real. I think we can admit that. That an America with hoverboards would be a better America. A stronger America. Hell, I’d straight up trade Obama for a working hoverboard and I’d do it in a first-tee heartbeat. Then again, I’d trade him for a slice of dry toast so I guess that’s not saying much…

Everyone in our office is calling bullshit on this hoverboard and trying to tell me that it’s impossible because of magnets or some shit. I have no idea what the fuck they’re talking about to tell you the truth. Look, I don’t know what kind of sorcery or witch craft is needed to make a board hover, but I thought it was fake because of all the star-power they had packed into one video. You don’t need to know shit about science to conclude that a start up you’ve never heard about until today has that kind of cash. I also noticed that peoples’ shirts appear that they’re being pulled at the shoulders when they’re riding the board.

For now I’m saying fake, but God, do I hope these people prove me wrong.

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