Two Outdoor-Loving Bros In Oregon Created ‘The World’s Greatest Hammock’ And It’s So Much More Than A Hammock

by 10 months ago

Fact: Good portable hammocks are hard to find. Sure, there are plenty of garden variety hammocks that you can tie up in the backyard. And Amazon is littered with parachute hammocks for backpacking on a camping trip. But none of these (a. serve multiple functions beyond being tied to a tree and (b. are *actually* durable enough to share with your friends on an outdoor adventure.

Insert the M.C. Hammie, the brainchild of Rick and Adam, two outdoor-loving Bro inventors in Bend, Oregon. The two set off to “re-imagine” the hammock, coming up with a product that’s a “hammock, shelter, blanket all-in-one.” It uses eight premium aluminum carabiners throughout the design for “light, durable, and smooth clipping.” It’s also made of waterproof, super durable DWR Diamond Ripstop Nylon, with the inventors promising it to be durable enough for “romance” in the woods (…a hammock for two, if you will). And best of all, it  packs down into a tight pouch for backpacking.

Go support the project over on Kickstarter…  With 17 days to go and almost to it’s $15,000 goal, it’s bound to hit it in no time.



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