This Wristband Tracks How Drunk You Are And Lets Your Friends Know Where The Fuck You’ve Wandered Off To



This is Vive, a smart wristband that does its best to make sure you don’t do anything too stupid or become a tragic statistic when you’re heavily intoxicated. Wearing one is like being on house arrest…house arrest for people who can’t handle their shit when they drink. And I’m guessing since tons of people can’t handle their shit (myself included), that this company is going to sell a fuck load of these wristbands.

Here’s how Vive works.


I said that Vive “does its best” at keeping people safe because for it to actually be effective, you have to have someone who actually gives a fuck what happens to you. It’s great in theory, but we’ve all had those nights when everyone we went out with went random ways and no one was accountable for anyone, even themselves. Meaning, by the time the rest of your blacked-out crew wakes up to realize you’re missing, you could already be a fucking goner. Good idea, though.

[H/T GeekWire]

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