100 People Reveal Their Favorite Sex Positions And Dolls Were Needed

by 11 months ago

Sex, man. Love it. Maybe the one activity in my life I’ve never quit on. I’m diligent with that shit. Relentless. Always looking to improve. Always trying to sweat just a little bit less. Always ignoring her in-sex questions like “Is it in?” or “Why are you crying?” But the real beauty of slapping skins is putting yourself outside your comfort zones and trying new positions like The Standing Wheel Barrow or The Butter Churner or Your Girlfriend Sticking Her Finger In Your Ass. I mean. Wut.

I didn’t post this video so you bros could find out what a bunch of strangers’ favorite sex positions are, I posted it to inspire you guys to propose something new in the bedroom. Or the living room. Or IKEA. When was the last time you asked your girl to sit on your face? And you wonder why she always gives you shit about hanging out with your friends. You have never once cared about her enough to be her human seat cushion. Have a fucking heart dude.

And for my female readers, someone do this dude a favor and give him a pity lay. Excess sexual frustration can break a man.


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