100 People Confessed The Weirdest Places They’ve Had Sex So Prepare To Add To Your Bucket List

by 11 months ago

YouTube - WatchCut Video

Okay, so, WatchCut Video pulled together 100 people and asked them to share the weirdest places they’ve had sex. Why? I honestly do not know. Does it really matter why? No, not really. Because as you will see and hear, the places where people have had sex include pretty much everywhere.

Pool table? Check. Movie theater? Check. At a museum? Sure, why not? On top of a car? Hell, yes. Antique shop? In an alley? In a public park? Yes, yes, and yes.

My only real question now, after seeing this, other than wondering just how unsanitary everything in the world is, is in how many of these have you done it? I have to admit, I’ve knocked boots in more than one of the places mentioned. And if you haven’t done it in any of these places then get ready to take notes for future reference.


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