Taking Out the Trash in This Week’s Top 5 Hottie Index

by 9 years ago

The BroBible Top 5 Hottie Index returns this week with some new faces to keep you cool this spring. Once again, to refresh the readers, in order to make our index, the celebrity, athlete, or other notable hottie in question needs to be relevant at this moment and tearing up the headlines. Just because you’re hot isn’t enough. You need to be in the news.


5. Adrianne Curry

Here’s a PSA to all the celebrity females out there. Show us your nekked ass on Twitter and it gets our attention. Especially if you’re hot and have posed in Playboy (’06). It just brings back so many good memories. Thanks. 


4. Raychel Coudriet

Tiger Woods really casts a wide net when pursuing his women, which some say is an obvious indication of his sex addiction. Personally I just think the guy has really low standards and likes to get his dick wet. Raychel falls somewhere in the middle of his spectrum, but her name (a Y in Raychel? really?) and nose piercing tells you she probably belongs in a trailer park somewhere rather than next door to Tiger in Isleworth. Either way she’s got a nice little body and is only in our lives because Tiger “robotically” f*cked her while fulfilling his needs.


3. Traci Lynn Johnson

I’m a Giants fan and I have always thought Tiki Barber is a sack of shit. He was spewing all this nonsense about the makeup of the team once he joined the media, so it was fantastic that the team won the Super Bowl in the first year he was gone from the locker room. Now he’s back in the news again for being a sc*mbag again, this time for banging this younger broad dating back to her dorm room days at Mount St. Mary’s. Apparently he likes it trashy cause girls with three names have that going on. If he got Traci Lynn’s roommate involved, then maybe I’d have a little more respect for him.


2. Lisa Dergan

With baseball season underway, it’s time to pay tribute to the hottest baseball WAG in the business. Sure Lisa’s husband, Scott Posednik, is a crummy ballplayer, but we can thank him for raising his wife’s profile. Lisa appeared in Playboy back in ’98, which is always a plus. Here’s hoping Scott can cut it for a couple more years in the bigs and we get a few more eyefuls of what Lisa brings to the table.


1. Ana Ivanovic

Tiger and his women are getting plenty of attention this week as he makes his return to professional golf, but there are plenty of other golf WAGs out there. Unfortunately we won’t be able to catch shots of Ana while watching the Masters (cue Jim Nance: “on CBS”) because she’s probably playing tennis somewhere. That’s a shame because I can never get enough of the woman who for my money is the best looking broad swinging a racket these days. Good on you Adam for making things happen here.

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