Live Chat with Emmanuelle Chriqui of ‘Entourage’ at 11 p.m. EST

by 10 years ago


Last week we trumpeted tonight’s season seven premiere of “Entourage.” The episode begins at 10:30 on the East Coast, and if you’re watching at home and happen to be near a computer, check back here at BroBible after the show is over at 11 p.m. EST for a Live Stream live chat with Emmanuelle Chriqui. Yes, that Emmanuelle Chriqui, the smokeshow actress and sassy darling of every Bro’s collective desire who plays E’s fiancee Sloane. If you want to ask her about whether or not you should be hedging bets on Sloane’s impending marriage to E, jump over to Live Stream and insert your question into the chat bar once things get underway. She’ll be answering the nation’s questions and — fingers crossed — looking super sexy after the jump.