15 Words for Vag*na That Women Hate

by 9 years ago

I have nothing to say about the innards of this magazine but someone tipped us off to this recent Cosmo cover and it's caused my brain to recall the last stint I had with an Untamed Va-jay-jay. The broad was well into her 30s, she was a co-worker (at the time), and her pubes appeared to have an inch in length for every year since her birth. It was a mismanaged mess and it frightened me. But the untamed part of this cover and the unveiling of Sasha Grey's vintage vag*na isn't my focus. I'd rather be able to eat my lunch this afternoon than think about, or discuss, the tenants that could live in those crotch nests.
I guess our world is coming to accept certain words for body parts and while that embrace is well and good, for all the Va-jay-jays and Cha-cha's of the world, there will still be plenty of words like the dreaded “C” that will make women squirm in both disgust and anger. So naturally, what I want to do is comprise a humongous list of all those words. We've strung together a list of 15 that we enjoy after the jump but please do the c*ntry a service and add your own in the comments or at least use them creatively in a sentence like, “Yo Bobby, this chick's lips were so dark they looked like the f*ckin' mud flaps on my trans-am.” (Best if said in a thick New York accent).
15. Hatchet Wound
14. Cooter
13. Mud Flaps
12. Bearded Oyster
11. Beaver

10. Beefy Wings
9. Ham Wallet

8. Dungeon

7. Ditch
6. Pussy
5. Asshole #2
4. Queef Box
3. Snatch
2. Twat 
1. Cunt