Think Having 2 Vaginas Is A Blessing? This Woman Says It’s A Curse

by 2 years ago

The more the merrier right? Well, not when it comes to vaginas apparently. At least that’s what a woman named Nicci will tell you. She explained the harsh realities of having two vaginas on a BBC3 documentary titled “The Woman With Two Vaginas: Living Differently.”

At age 17, Nicci found out that she had two vaginas, which made her feel like a “freak of nature.” She even described her poontang as a “Big Mac. All the filling hanging out the side, and the lettuce hanging out. It’s got a lot going on.” I’m so thankful that I’m not eating a Big Mac at this very moment.

“I first knew something was wrong when I was a teenager and I was bleeding more than I should. The pain was intolerable and, while on my period, I couldn’t function. My doctor told me I had two wombs, two vaginas and two cervixes.”

How much was she bleeding you ask? That seems like a very personal and gross question to ask, but she answers that extremely nosy query. She was bleeding so much that she had to wear Depends adult diapers to contain the crimson tide because tampons and pads could not contain the flow. I bet you wished you never asked.

Nicci continued to suffer from prolonged periods, intolerable pain, and even several miscarriages. Plus her dual cooter situation caused problems with boyfriends. No, not from trying to pick the right hole, but rather she was always in pain when they got intimate. Not to mention that her periods lasted as long as four weeks.


Nicci said her vaginas splits into a Y-shape ending in “two little doughnut areas” for separate cervices. I’m guessing they would be jelly doughnuts.

The pain and torture became so intense that Nicci started having suicidal thoughts. She eventually couldn’t give two fucks about her two vaginas and opted for a double hysterectomy. She got the proceedure despite knowing that she would never conceive children. Nicci now only has vaginal opening.

Thankfully for Nicci, she found her true love and married a man named Andy. The couple hope to adopt children in the near future.

Hooray Nicci! Congrats on your new no two vagina life!!!


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