This 22-Year-Old Nursery School Teacher Had Her Double Life As A Prostitute Exposed On Hidden Camera

by 3 years ago


Meanwhile in Russia…

Meet Katya Gorlova, a 22-year-old nursery school teacher who was caught on camera (below) selling insides of her orifices for 3,000 rubles, which coverts to $37.83.

According to Mirror:

Dressed in just her lingerie Katya Gorlova, 22, was allegedly spotted accepting cash from a customer before taking part in intimate scenes.

During conversation she told the man her real job involved teaching signing and dancing to young children at a school, it has been claimed.

She now faces an enquiry, but it is not clear whether or not the woman remains in position.

I don’t know if prostitution is illegal where she lives or what nursery school teachers make per year, but the real crime here isn’t that she does this in her spare time, it’s that she’s selling her body for jack squat. I’m a man and if I were to whore myself out for cold, hard cash, I’d damn sure ask for more than 3,000 rubels.

It really doesn’t seem like a realistic price based on her photo at the top.  Sure, that photo could be her one, good photo. For all we know, that picture is three years old. Maybe, after years of trying, she finally caught lightening in a bottle and her non-photogenic ass took decent picture for once, so she resolved to make it her social media profile picture for the next decade. COULD HAPPEN! But as possible as that is, it doesn’t seem to fit here as an explanation. And even if it did seem like a logical explanation…$37.83?!?!?! That’s just far too low. In fact, it’s so low any hooker-buying guy worth his salt should question whether or not she has herpes or HIV upon entering.

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