Two Sexy Girls Recreating Madden Moves is All Kinds of HOT

by 6 years ago

To say Madden was a part of my formative years would be an gross understatement. It was a pillar in several of my friendships. We'd play marathon sessions, desperately trying to stop each others corner routes (they were lethal in the early 2000s) while also trying to contain our anger and not throw a fit so loud, when our defensive backs would get burned, that it would wake the parents of whoever's house we were staying at. Meanwhile, our other friends who were with us were hitting on girls on AOL Instant Messenger while they waited for their chance to play the winner.

I will never forget those moments. But I won't have to because even to this day, my friends and I still fire up various consoles and play Madden when we see each other. We might be as good as we once were — beware: hitting on girls leads to obtaining girlfriends and most girlfriends don't let you play a lot of video games (weird, I know) — but we still have epic duels and the same competitive fire as we did when we were in high school and college. Although now we try our best not to spike the controller on the floor, exploding it into fragmented bits, the moment things don't go our way — funny how that happens when it's not your parent's money replacing the shattered controller. 

But even though we've gotten soft, Madden has only gotten stronger and this 25th edition promises to be bring the heat. Its first effort in doing so is this photo shoot of REALLY HOT babes recreating various moves from the iconic game. I don't know about you, but when Madden first introduced the juke it changed my life.

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