25 Sexy Naked Girls Enjoying A Shower Beer

by 3 years ago

I’ve been indulging in shower beers for years now. People who have never tried it or people who don’t understand the simple pleasure of a shower beer will scoff at you. And it’s extremely difficult to explain why it’s nice to savor a cold beer in the hot shower without sounding like a complete fall-down alcoholic.

There’s just something relaxing about soaping up, then having a sip of cold beer. Washing off, then having a sip of cold beer. Thinking about your day or just having inquisitive shower thoughts and then having a sip of cold beer. So I was so stoked to see other like-minded drunks, err enthusiasts of the soapy suds in the Shower Beer subreddit.

This post is for all of you fine folks who understand the beauty of the shower beer or just perverts who want to see a naked girl.


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