The 45 Hottest TV Lawyers of All Time

by 9 years ago

 Last week, thousands of recent J.D.s around the country took the Bar Exam. As an extra-special toast to all the future district attorneys, litigators, future firm partners, divorce attorneys, solicitors, public defenders, judges, and corporate counsels, we rounded up the 45 hottest female lawyers to grace the boob tube. After all, it's legal dramas like “Law & Order,” “Perry Mason,” “The Practice, and “L.A. Law” — the macaroni and cheese of prime-time network TV — that probally inspired most of these burgeoning legal careers in the first place.


In their scripted TV world, some of our 45 fictitious and litigious smoke shows are feisty, passive-aggressive b*tches-on-a-stick; others are more lovable and endearing, even in the midst of high courtroom suspense. If you're looking for lingerie or bikini pics, look elsewhere and learn a thing or two about how lawyers dress. The characters are listed by TV show. Court is in session after the jump.


“Eli Stone”

Natasha Henstridge

Character: Taylor Wethersby

Position: Attorney


Julie Gonzalo

Character: Maggie Dekker

Position: Junior Attorney



Jeri Ryan

Character: Jessica Devlin

Position: District Attorney


Sarah Carter

Character: Madeline Poe

Position: Deputy District Attorney


Sophina Brown

Brown, SophiCharacter: Raina Troy

Position: Deputy District Attorney


“Murder One”

Mary McCormack

Character: Justine Appleton

Position: Associate


“The Practice”

Lara Flynn Boyle

Character: Helen Gamble

Position: District Attorney


Kelli Williams

Character: Lindsay Dole Donnell

Position: Civil Law Attorney


“Night Court”

Markie Post

Character: Christine Sullivan

Position: Public Defender

“Ally McBeal”

Regina Hall

Character: Corretta Lipp

Position: Attorney


Lisa Nicole Carson

Character: Renee Raddick

Position: Attorney


Courtney Thorne-Smith

Character: Georgia Thomas

Position: Attorney


Lucy Liu

Character: Ling Wood

Position: Attorney



Portia de Rossi

Character: Nelle Porter

Position: Attorney


Calista Flockhart

Character: Ally McBeal

Position: Attorney

“Judging Amy”

Amy Brenneman

Character: Judy Amy Gray-Cassidy

Position: Judge

“Boston Legal”

Lake Bell

Character: Sally Heep

Position: Attorney


Monica Potter

Character: Lori Colson

Position: Associate Attorney


Rhona Mitra

Character: Tara Wilson

Position: Associate Attorney


Julie Bowen

Character: Denise Bauer

Position: Senior Associate Attorney


“Law & Order”

Alana de la Garza

Character: Connie Rubirosa

Position: Assistant District Attorney


Paula Robinette

Character: Claire Kincaid

Position: Assistant District Attorney


Elisabeth Röhm

Character: Serena Southerlyn

Position: Assistant District Attorney


Angie Harmon

Character: Abbie Carmichael

Position: Assistant District Attorney


Diane Neal

Character: Casey Novak

Position: Assistant District Attorney


Stephanie March

Character: Alex Cabot

Position: Assistant District Attorney


“Law & Order SVU”

Michaela McManus

Character: Kim Greylek

Position: Assistant District Attorney


Sharon Stone

Character: Jo Marlowe

Position: Assistant District Attorney


“Raising the Bar”

Melissa Sagemiller

Character: Michelle Earnhardt

Position: Assistant District Attorney


“The Cosby Show”

Phylicia Rashad

Character: Clair Huxtable‎

Position: Attorney



Stephanie Romanov

Character: Lilah Morgan

Position: Attorney



Rose Byrne

Character: Ellen Parsons

Position: Criminal Prosecutor


“The Deep End”

Leah Pipes

Character: Beth Branford

Position: First Year Associate



Rebecca Mader

Character: Alden Tuller

Position: Trial Attorney


“The Wire”

Deirdre Lovejoy

Character: Rhonda Pearlman

Position: Assistant State Attorney



Julianne Nicholson

Character: Christina Finn

Position: Assistant District Attorney



Catherine Bell

Character: Lieutenant Colonel Sarah “Mac” MacKenzie

Position: Judge Advocate in the United States Marine Corps


“The Good Wife”

Julianna Margulies

Character: Alicia Florrick

Position: Junior Litigator


“Sex and the City”

Cynthia Nixon

Character: Miranda Hobbes

Position: Attorney


“Prison Break”

Robin Tunney

Character: Veronica Donovan

Position: Real Estate lawyer


“Close to Home”

Jennifer Finnigan

Character: Annabeth Chase

Position: Deputy Prosecutor



Andrea Anders

Charater: Alexis “Alex” Garrett

Position: Attorney


“Lie to Me”

Jennifer Beals

Character: Zoe Landau

Position: Assistant Attorney General



Brooke Langton

Character: Constance Griffiths

Position: Attorney


“West Wing”

Emily Procter

Character: Ainsley Hayes

Position: Associate White House Counsel


“Courting Alex”

Jenna Elfman

Character: Alex Rose

Position: Attorney at her Dad's firm