50 Hot Babes Dressed-Up Like the Easter Bunny

by 9 years ago

Easter is this Sunday, and since we paid homage to Passover with hot women earlier this week, we figured we should do the same for Easter, but with a slight twist. The Easter Bunny, as far as I am concerned, is a peculiar choice for a mascot. Especially since the true meaning of Easter, from my understanding, has nothing to do with bunneys. So why has the world chosen to celebrate this holiday with rabbits and the fetching of hidden eggs and baskets? I have no f*cking clue. And since I am not a religious man — aside from when I pray on the golf course — I choose not to question the bunny.


Instead, I am going to embrace the fluffy little bastard. In honor of Easter and its Bunny, then, here are 50 photos of women wearing (skimpy, not fluffy) bunny costumes. Please forgive the obligatory famous guys that seem to pop up in several of the photos; like the rest of us, they just want to shove their carrots into some rabbit holes.


UPDATE: A video of a very memorable moment in bunny history is now at the end of the post.