These 90s Porn Movies With All Of The Sex Removed Are The Weirdest Things You’ll See Today

by 4 years ago
90s porn sex removed

YouTube - Historical Paroxysm

The dialogue in porn is usually such a peripheral part of why you’re watching it’s a wonder that they even bother to have the actors speak at all.

Yet they do talk and so when you take out all of the “sex” what you end up with is apparently just a REALLY BAD movie. At least that was the case in the 1990s.

Because as you will see, thanks to YouTuber Historical Paroxysm, who took two adult films from 1991 and removed all the good stuff, without the sex it’s just, well, it’s not good at all.

So someone actually thought that the actors doing a jigsaw puzzle together was going to enhance an adult film? People really did do a lot of drugs in the 90s, didn’t they?

But wait, as they say, there’s more…

Uhh…yeah…I think I’ll take my porn with the sex still in them from now on, thanks.

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