Adriana Lima Is Still Bringing the Fire in New Lingerie Pics


Adriana Lima has been a Victoria’s Secret Angel for 14 years now, and—as is tradition—she was given an anti-aging serum made from the bones of unicorns and dragons upon employment, causing these recent pictures look like they were taken in 2000.

And that is the secret of why Angels don’t age.


Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-2 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-3 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-4 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-5 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-6 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-7 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-8 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-9 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-10 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-11 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-15 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-21 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-22 Adriana-Lima-VS-lingerie-23