16 Things People Would Prefer To See A Whole Lot Less Of In Their Porn

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Everyone has pet peeves about pretty much everything and when it comes to watching porn it’s no different as people certainly have more than their fair share.

That’s made very clear by the sheer number of responses to the “Ask Reddit” question, “What do you wish was less common in porn?”

No one wants to enjoying an adult film only to have something that makes no sense or ruins the mood, am I right?

Well, here are some of the best answers and it’s pretty hard to argue with most of them.

OH, AH, YES, UH, YEEES, YAAAAAAAAAS. Now remove my other shoe! ~ Mhoram_antiray

Scenes that fade to black. My monitor/phone is shiny. A black screen just makes me stare at my own sad shameful reflection. ~ e67

Scary fake nails, especially in masturbation/lesbian scenes. Just makes me cringe. ~ Dollysma

Fake moans that sound like the woman is in pain. ~ ChatGarou

The cameraman needs to shut the fuck up. Also stop doing that shot where you mostly see the dude’s balls and taint. ~ twerky_stark

Music. Why do so many porn videos have music throughout? And why are these videos so popular? It’s so off-putting and cheesy. ~ Grenadukebabelele

All the goddamn spitting. ~ Erikthered65

Obese men fucking girls out of their league. ~ xenodit

Not necessarily in porn but the 15 penis enlargement ads surrounding the video. Kinda hard to get in the mood when there’s a 3 foot dick wagging around. ~ JTPerry555

Actresses that look like they used a shotgun to put on their make-up. ~ Calciumee

Close-ups of the guy’s butthole when all I want to see is the girl’s face as she moans in happiness. ~ Priamosish

Different states of undress. Like the girl’s naked (apart from like ridiculous heels) and the dudes barely unzipped his pants. And when dudes wear nothing but gross looking socks. ~ tribblemethis

Those weird long distance kisses that start like 4 inches from each other then go at it with a wide open jaw and stab each other with their tongues. Weird as shit. ~ AZBeer90

All the fake incest. Like wtf? ~ Stardustcreation

Close ups of hairy balls. And the guy loudly saying stuff. Kills the mood. ~ purefabulousity

The crippling guilt and depression right after I turn off the video. ~ kitthekat

Seems like an appropriate place to stop.

Check out the rest of the requests over at Reddit.

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