Porn Search Stats Around The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Premiere Show How Ridiculously Popular The Show Has Become

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Game of Thrones is such a juggernaut that it even creates a marked change on the searches and traffic over at Pornhub when it airs.

Turns out that, according to this new study by Pornhub Insights, Game of Thrones searches leading up to the premiere skyrocketed, up 370% on Sunday the 24th.

game of thrones pornhub searches

Pornhub Insights

However, when it came time for the show to actually air we not only managed to pull ourselves away from Pornhub, we did it in massive numbers.

game of thrones pornhub traffic

Pornhub Insights

That, as we all know, is the true sign of whether a show is a hit or not… how it affects people and their porn habits. Though those who watch the show know there is probably a good chance to see a little nudity on GOT as well.

Of course, we can’t always catch every episode, and there are certain scenes that we’d like to watch again. As a result, it’s no real shock that “sex scene” tops the list of Game of Thrones-related search terms.

game of thrones pornhub search terms

Pornhub Insights

And is there really any doubt as to which characters top the list of Game of Thrones characters when it comes to what we’re looking for?

game of thrones pornhub character searches

Pornhub Insights

Long live the Mother of Dragons.

Check out the rest of the study with more details and cool charts here.

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