A Hot Porn Star Learning To Fly Crash Landed Her Plane Onto A Freeway In L.A., Lived To Tell About It

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Danielle Lagree is an adult film star who performs under the name Alexis Ford. She’s been in such illustrious films as Balls Deep Anal Nymphos 2, Big Wet Asses 22, Big Wet Breasts, Big Wet Tits 12 and that’s just the B’s.

(I wonder how Balls Deep Anal Nymphos 1 was. Obviously good enough to necessitate a sequel. If they do a third, I’m sure the collected work will rival Christopher Nolan’s Batman.)

She is also attempting to get her pilot’s license. But a recent flight almost resulted in the end of her life (and also her career, unless her will had a stipulation about donating her body to necrophilia porn), when the plane’s engine failed as her and her instructor were trying to climb over some mountains.

She managed to maneuver the plane safely down and execute an emergency landing on a Los Angeles freeway.

She lived to tell the terrifying experience. KCAL News got her story

A user on Twitter recorded the crash on her phone, which you can see at the end of the video above.

Hey! Since you’re here, and Mrs. Lagree is alright, would you like to see some sexy pictures of her? You bet your ass?

You bet your ass.

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