Porn Stars Shared Some Of Their Worst Dick Pic Experiences And Guys, You Are Just Seriously Gross

by 1 year ago

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Remember how awhile back we shared a video we made starring sexy model Emily Sears and she explained why you should never send dick pics?

If not, here you go…

Did you watch it? You should. Basically what she is saying that dick pics, while you might think they’re great, really aren’t.

Now if that somehow wasn’t enough to stop you from sending out dick picks then have a looksee at this new video from Wood Rocket’s always entertaining and sometimes traumatizing “Ask A Porn Star” series.

As you can imagine, unsolicited dick pics are pretty much a regular occurrence for women in their profession. And guess what? Most of them don’t enjoy them! Go figure, right?

“I just cringe every single time that I see them. They’re never good. Nobody should ever really do dick pics,” says Cassandra Cain. “Because they just don’t know how to take a proper dick pic.”

The woman knows of what she speaks. Now check out the rest of the stories below. You might just learn something (or be scarred for life, one of those things).

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