It’s Amazing How Much Porn Traffic Dropped (Then Spiked Up Again) At The End Of The NBA Finals

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pornhub traffic nba finals

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LeBron James wasn’t just blocking shots Sunday night during game seven of the NBA Finals, he was also blocking people from getting their fix of porn.

Didn’t matter if you were in Cleveland or out west in the Bay Area, porn simply had to wait for the game to be over, according to Pornhub Insights.

Compared to a normal Sunday, Pornhub’s traffic during the game was down -10% across the United States, including the San Francisco Bay Area. Cleveland’s traffic was down -20% for the first half of the game, but then plummeted by -47% towards the end. Why such a drastic drop? Fap time clearly gave way to clap time as people all over Cleveland tuned in to see the Cavaliers snag the first pro sports championship title the city has had in 52 years.

pornhub traffic cleveland nba finals

Pornhub Insights

One thing you might notice, however, is that traffic AFTER the game shot up to well above average levels, especially in Cleveland where it increased to 20% higher than your normal Sunday night viewing.

I guess that’s one way to celebrate your first major pro sports championship in 52 years.

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