Porn Stars Shared Their CREEPIEST Fan Stories And ‘Stalker’ Is Way Too Nice Of A Word For These Freaks

by 2 years ago

YouTube - Wood Rocket

As one can easily imagine, being a porn star comes with its fair share of very strange and sometimes VERY frightening fans.

So, when the fine folks over at Wood Rocket chose “Your Craziest Fan Experience?” as the topic for their latest edition of “Ask A Porn Star” I knew the stories would be extra special.

Trillium once had a fan who wanted her to watch “dog porn” with her and went into very specific and frightening detail about it.

August Ames tells the story of a fan who just started mailing her all of his shit because he said he was “going to be moving in soon.”

Aiden Star might have the best story of them all, however. Her “fan” asked her if he could eat a burrito out of her ass. That is taking “eating ass” to a level I don’t even want to think about.

But wait, as they say, there is more…SO MUCH MORE. Check it out…

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