Porn Stars Discussed Why They Would Never Have Sex With Someone And Their Reasons Are Amazing

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The fine folks over at Wood Rocket are back again to educate and entertain with another riveting edition of “Ask A Porn Star.”

In this edition, stars such as Veruca James, Dahlia Sky, Anny Aurora, Lily Lane, Gabriella Paltrova and more answer the question, “Who won’t you have sex with?”

As you might imagine, porn stars have what they call a “No List” of people that they refuse to have sex with. Usually a person ends up on a “No List” because of something they did that the stars, uh, didn’t appreciate them doing. (Use your imagination there.)

Of course there are always exceptions as one actress says, “I don’t have one. I’ll bang anybody.” A real trooper that one is.

A few of the MANY examples given of how a person could end up on someone’s “No List” are: showing up on set with an open wound, being blatantly racist, or if they just personally don’t find someone attractive. Bet that last one goes over real well. Oh yeah, a disgusting vagina was also mentioned among the reasons to get you put on the list. Go figure.

Here are the rest…

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