Amanda Seyfried Gets Topless In Her New Play? And Someone Made A GIF Of It? You Don’t Say?

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Amanda Seyfried topless play

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Amanda Seyfried, in my book, is one of the most underrated actresses out there. For some reason though she doesn’t get very many, well, good parts to play in good movies. Not sure why that is, I have always enjoyed her work.

Perhaps that’s why Amanda Seyfried is often doing these Broadway plays instead of making movies. You know, building up those acting chops and her resume.

For instance, she’s currently in an off-Broadway play called The Way We Get.

And apparently there is one scene in The Way We Get where Amanda Seyfried has to take her top off. Which, according to this interview she did with is no big deal to her.

…you’re showing some skin—does that kick up your anxiety?
No, not really. I have a very European sensibility to all that. It’s a little shocking to some people, but most of the play is shocking. That isn’t really something I think about anymore.

How very European of her.

Oh yeah, someone in the audience, let’s call him “Hero,” because that’s what he (or she) is, filmed this momentous occasion and made it into a GIF, which can view right here. You’re so very welcome. Viva Broadway!

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