Amber Rose Talks To Blac Chyna About Finger-Pegging, Cream Pies And Calls Out Pamela Anderson On Porn

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I like Amber Rose because she is refreshingly honest. She will tell you what’s on her mind about nearly any subject, especially sex. That is why she has her own sex advice talk show called “Loveline with Amber Rose.” This week her guest was equally unabashed Blac Chyna. The two discussed a range of topics that would make your taint tingle.

Remember when Amber revealed to the world that Kanye West enjoyed a good ole finger in the booty hole? This week she defended any fun-loving gentleman who appreciates digits or a dildo in his poop tube.

“If you’re a straight guy and you need a dildo or a finger up your ass, you’re not gay,” Amber said.

“I’d never do anal,” Amber revealed, but said she knows a friend who “used to love watching porn when a girl would strap up on a guy. It would make her cum instantly.” Amber’s co-host Dr. Chris Donaghue helpfully chimed in to clarify that this is called “pegging,” (duh) and he added that it is “phenomenal.”

When Chyna was asked if she uses sex toys she enthusiastically responded by saying, “Absolutely! But I don’t think Rob likes it – I gotta sneak it sometimes… Like wait ’til he leaves and then get it cracking.”

Amber disagrees with Chyna’s choice of smut sites, and says she peruses Porn MD, and gives it the ringing endorsement, “It’s like Google for porn.” Amber then unveils what her favorite porn category is, “My favorite is cream pies.”


Amber gave some advice on self-pleasure, “Masturbate in front of the mirror. I’m the queen of that.” The queen of masturbating in front of the mirror is probably more fun than being the Queen of England.

Speaking of porn, (What a segway) the “Dancing With the Stars” contestant took on Pamela Anderson, who has recently declared that porn is a “public hazard” for losers, despite being a porn symbol for decades.

“I’m really surprised she said that. Frankly, I’m appalled,” Amber said. “I always looked at her as a very liberal, outgoing, fun blonde.” Dr. Chris added, “Sex has been good for her. She built an entire career on it. It’s really interesting to turn your back onto it.”

Both Chyna and Amber were strippers and reminisced over their pole days.

“Miss the pole,” Amber said. “Got a pole in my fucking house. Getting drunk before you go out there – it was a whole moment. Mind you the best fucking time of my life.”

You can hear the audio here.

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