American Roots Rain Supreme in This Week’s Hottie Index

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Alex Morgan
For some reason it took a whole month for Morgan’s nine-minute yoga video to have gone viral on the internet. I’m not really sure why given how much recognition Morgan gets as U.S. women’s soccer’s best looking player. Ironically it happened on the same week that Morgan netted a hat trick against Ireland to became only the third American women’s player to score at least 25 goals in a calendar year. We’ll just call the video going viral a way of celebrating her achievement. (photo:SI)

Danielle Fishel
A whole generation of people grew up watching “Boy Meets World” and I’m sure there are a few bros out there who had major crushes on Fishel’s character “Topanga” on the show. There have been plenty of rumors floating around about the potential sequel series “Girl Meets World” and it was announced this week that Fishel would reprise her character on the new show. As long as Fishel keeps sticking with the Nutrisystem diet, we’ll be happy to see her return although I’m sure being on the Disney channel will probably kill some of the show’s gloss.

Ashley Hinshaw (photo above)
In the world of the internet circa 2012, you shouldn’t be surprised that someone’s out there grading the top 10 nude scenes of the year. Hinshaw was anointed the winner of this year’s best nude performance when the former Abercrombie model played a young girl entering the adult film world. Such an easy plot to get a young man’s attention.

Morena Baccarin
Homeland is quickly becoming the most heralded show on television. I’ll be honest. I haven’t seen an episode yet, but I plan on catching up over Christmas vacation. The show’s plot is enough to get you interested, but a little nudity from Baccarin certainly doesn’t hurt. Her tits have been seen before, but do a little Google search of what came in last Sunday’s episode and you’ll see them for a little while longer.

Jessica Chastain
When “Zero Dark Thirty” hits theatres on December 19th, people will be able to give their assessment as to whether or not it’s better than the TV movie about Seal Team Six’s capture of Osama Bin Laden. One thing going for the theatre version is Chastain after what we saw in her recent shoot for British GQ. Her body definitely makes us proud to be American.

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