How Awesome Is Amy Poehler In These Old Navy Commercials Featuring Some Girl’s Butt?

by 5 years ago

Screen shot 2014-03-09 at 2.50.24 PM

Way to go, Old Navy, for making a commercial where we’re basically just staring at a hot girl’s ass for the entire thing. Admit it: It took you a couple seconds when you first saw this new ad spot on TV this weekend to even realize that was Amy Poehler. Why? Because there’s a girl’s butt right smack in front of your television screen.

Oh yeah, Amy Poehler kills it like she always does. But more importantly… ‘dat butt.

Old Navy gets it. I think we need some new $9 graphic tees for spring. Maybe some $15 shorts. Feel a trip coming on…

Three cheers for Old Navy. And butts.

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