Amazing Anastasia Ashley Is So Hot On ‘Naked And Afraid’ That When She Danced With A Snake It Caused A Monkey To Jerk Off

by 1 year ago

Now that’s an attention-getter! Are you familiar with the reality television show Naked and Afraid? If not you are about to because the scintillating surfer/model Anastasia Ashley will be on the nude survivalist reality show. The 7th season of Discovery’s NAA airs on Sunday, March 5th and I could not be more stoked. Why should I watch Bear Grylls or that Survivorman dude try to endure the potentially fatal elements of the wild when I can gawk at the alluring Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model get naked and try to stay alive by drinking her own urine. That’s something I usually have to pay for on one of those watersports sites.

The astonishingly awesome Anastasia is in the scenic rainforests of Belize filming the show. She visited the Belize Zoo and went all Britney Spears from “I’m a Slave for You” as she posed with a snake. The scene was so incredibly tantalizing that a spider monkey got so horned up by the spectacular show that he started jerking off.

And who can blame him, look at how fucking hot Anastasia is.

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