Anastasia Sorokina Is Really Good At This Whole Instagram Thing

by 4 years ago

Waking up this morning, I pretty much thought it would be the same, normal routine.

Check the clock on my phone a few hundred times for any texts, emails and shit, spend a good 30 minutes swiping on Tinder and scrolling through pics on Instagram.

Well, that all did happened, until I came across this chick named Anastasia Sorokina’s Instagram account, because she kept me occupied for a good 45 minutes following the discovery, absolutely blowing my mind and wishing I could just stay in bed with her—even if it was just virtually.

Recently posting a selfie of herself showing off one of the nicest, firmest and tightest booties I’ve seen in a long time—in yoga pants, no less—Anastasia proved that she has the goods when it comes to taking sexy ass pictures of herself.

Not to be confused with the women’s pro chess player with the same name—how fucking confusing is that?—this Anastasia Sorokina hails from Russia and claims to be a model and actress, which is a good field for her to get in given the exceedingly high level of sex appeal she has going on.

OK, enough of me rambling on about how fine Anastasia Sorokina is, take a look at these pictures yourself and go ahead and fall in love.

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