Anonymous Stripper Shares Stories From Strip Clubs Around The World, WHOA — $14,000 In A Single Night?!?!?!

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No matter where you go in the world, strippers have an aura of mystery about them. Doesn’t matter whether you’re at the Spearmint Rhino in Vegas or Rick’s Cabaret on Bourbon Street, ladies who take their clothes off in exchange for cash have mystified mankind since practically the beginning of time.

Over on Imgur, a user named “jealousofmyincome” shared her frontline stories from being “in and out of the adult industry for the better part of three years now.” It’s a fascinating look at the life of a stripper who has worked at clubs in Vegas, Seattle, Portland, and Tokyo.

The video above is what I imagine her skills on the pole are like, especially if she’s having nights where she brings home $14,000.


Doritoes, Cheetos, Ramen, etc. Naked girls and food. Cigarettes and a few drinks, but mostly food.

Dancing, after all, is a great way to burn calories, even if it is sensually grinding on some dude in a cheesy Hugo Boss blazer he bought at Men’s Warehouse. No surprised there. I get hungry for pizza after cutting a rug during a wedding too.


No, it’s not my real name either. If i’m on the clock, I’m not going to “break character”. I can’t tell you how many times a client attempted to take me out on a date or get my number. Even the second name I give people….yeah it’s also fake. Don’t ruin the fantasy, folks.

Gotta respect anyone with the hustle to have a bat phone as their work line. One number for mom, one number for dudes name Steve who sell used cars in Des Moines.


No, I wont sleep with you. No, I won’t sleep with you for 100,1000 or even 10,000 (although I was tempted). Why? Because you can’t put a price on me. I wouldn’t be able to live with myself in the morning.



I mean, REALLY STUPID. I had a guy Venmo me $2000 because he liked my story about traveling. People wanted to do coke off my butt just to say they did. I got tipped in drugs, often had to tell security about people getting too drunk and literally pulling their whoooohoos out in the middle of the club to try and bang. You know, just your average night.

This sounds par for the course in Vegas.


I have had numerous weird requests….but theres one that tops all others. A regular named Dave would visit me at least once a week, and pay $500 for a 3-10 minute treatment involving me using stilletto heels to press my entire body weight into his genital region. I’m not joking. Sometimes he would request sharper heels. Or more pressure. Almost always I was afraid I was going to pop something. Dave, he’s into something most men definitely aren’t.

Dave totally made her call him “daddy.”


In Seattle, my managers had to run back into the VIP to get me out of a chokehold. In Vegas, I was followed home by 2 very large men that wanted to pimp me out. In Tokyo, I had a run-in with some of the Ukrainian mafia. A lot of men assume I am a prostitute. And some get angry when I shut them down. The worst part about being a working in the adult industry is that you lose your image. People won’t outright treat you differently, but you are definitely on the fringe of society. Exotic Dancers disappear a lot more frequently than the average woman.

Well that’s macabre.


In Vegas, I came home with over $14 g’s in my pocket. H-O-L-Y S***. One night of work. less than 10 hours total. There’s a reason its so addicting. On average, I would make 1000-2000 per evening. In Seattle, I averaged $800 per night. Which is chunk change, but I had regulars. One guy dropped approximately 30,000 on me in 1 month. I’ve never left a Portland club with less than a grand either. When I worked in Tokyo, I made around the equivalent of 10-15 grand per month. But most of the perks came in the form of jewelry. Japanese customers were much more generous than their American counterparts. I often received fine jewelry or bottles of Dom in Tokyo.

Rad, right?

that’s all, folks xoxo, your friendly neighborhood stripper

Whoa. $14,000 in one a night?! Do stripper accountants exist? Some CPA in Vegas would make a killing by doing the taxes on all that 1099 income.

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