A GORGEOUS 21-Year-Old British Model Who Likes Fast Cars? Yes, Please?!

by 4 years ago
Arabella Ballantyne model

Arabella Ballantyne, Instagram

Here’s something that may surprise you: when an email hits our tip line and the subject line is “British Super Model that Drives Lambos, DJ’s and Lifts” it gets our attention. Go figure, right?

Turns out that model who does all those fun things is a STUNNING woman named Arabella Ballantyne. Sweet name, huh? Just sounds sexy. Luckily for you and I her looks match the sexiness of her name.

Now I couldn’t find any pics of her lifting or DJing, but I’ll take our tipster’s word for it because he was definitely spot-on when it comes to Arabella Ballantyne being “amazing” as he put it. See if you don’t agree…

Love this photo…

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