Ariel Winter Looks Like She Had A Lot Of Fun At The Beach Over The Memorial Day Weekend

Olivia Munn wasn’t the only celebrity having a little Memorial Day weekend bikini fun. Ariel Winter, our favorite Modern Family star, also spent some time in a bikini on the beach over the holiday.

Naturally, being the very savvy social media user that she is, Ariel Winter also was kind enough to share some pics of her trip to the beach on her always entertaining Instagram account. Nice, right?

I must say, seeing a woman named Ariel, with her red hair in a braid, wearing a blue bikini on the beach, I think that perhaps there was a little Disney inspiration going on with her over the weekend.

Perhaps if Disney ever does make a live-action version of The Little Mermaid we have already found our lead actress for the role. She’s certainly got the years of acting experience on television and I certainly wouldn’t complain if Winter got the lead in something like that, would you?

Check these pics out and tell me she wouldn’t be perfect for the part. Go ahead, I dare you.

Hopefully someone at Disney gets an eyeful of these pics and sees what I am seeing here.

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