Ariel Winter Had A Friend Take Some Pictures Of Her In A Bikini, They Turned Out Very Well

Ariel Winter. What is there left for me to say about her that we haven’t already said? She’s funny. She’s smart. She’s cool. She’s a good actress. She takes no shit. She’s very photogenic.

I guess we will focus on that last one here today since Winter had someone, I assume it was a friend, it could have just been a photographer, or both, take some new pictures of her hanging out at night by a pool in a very flattering bikini. No, that picture above is not one of them. That’s from this photo shoot. I am talking about the pictures below.

Winter captioned the first picture “Before & After” because, well, it will become crystal clear once you see all of the pics…

Told you the pictures turned out very well, didn’t I? Perhaps her friend is a professional photographer. Here’s even more proof that, as I also said previously, Ariel Winter is very photogenic (as if you didn’t already know that)…

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