Ariel Winter Silences The Haters And Cleans Up Real Perty For A Fantastic New Photo Shoot

Unfortunately, Modern Family star Ariel Winter, the badass that she is, once again felt that she had to shut down the haters recently. After taking Star magazine to task for making stuff up about her boyfriend Levi Meaden and busting on the paparazzi in June she felt it necessary to once again to, as she put it, “rant” against her haters.

This time Winter went after someone for saying that she had been “squeezing” into some shorts.

“Pretty annoyed with the commentary that I’m ‘squeezing’ into them or the idea that it’s not okay for me to wear shorts,” wrote Winter. “It’s SUMMER. It’s hot, I’m obviously going to wear minimal clothes. I’m not going to suffer in a turtleneck to please anyone. I’m not a whore because I wear shorts and tank tops. I’m not squeezing into anything. My shorts fit me and everything I’m doing is fine. Please leave young women alone.”

Amen, sister. Keep on preaching and by the way, I too live in shorts.

Anyway, Winter recently did a photo shoot for something called Imagista, which I have never heard of before today, but am now a big fan of, and as you will see there are no shorts involved and she as usual still looks great. Happy, haters?

And just to stick it to all those who like to complain, here are a few more recent pics of Winter that are sure to make them feel triggered…

So scandalous

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