Attractive Woman Caught Sticking Her Fingers Down Her Pants Then Smelling Them Before Entering Elevator

by 2 years ago

This attractive woman was caught by CCTV sticking her hands down her pants and then sniffing them right before she entered an elevator. But why? Why did she swab her meat curtains and then sniff her fingers? Let’s conduct an investigation as to why this young woman thought it was necessary to do an odor-check on her vertical smile right before entering the elevator.

To be fair, I have done the stench test myself. Maybe I’ll pop one finger down in my nether regions and then smell it to see if my undercarriage is passable for a date. If it smells like sandalwood with a hint of pubes I’m good to go. But if it smells like rotting onions then it’s time to hit the showers. Or at the very least spray cologne down my pants.

So was she on her way to a date where she might give the dude some action so she checked to see what her minge smelled like?

Maybe she gets off on smelling her own cooch?

Was she nervous?


This seems like a longshot, but perhaps she told her boyfriend that she was going to the fish market but she went to get her nails done instead and was trying to cover her tracks?

What do you think Bill?

Bill Clinton Fingers

Yeah, I hear ya. I think everyone wishes it was their fingers.

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