Aussie Hottie Steph Pacca Wearing Skin Tight Yoga Pants Is My New Favorite Thing To Stare At

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Now, don’t get me wrong, when it comes to totally sexy, I can never get enough of a hot chick wearing a bikini that shows off her perfect body, but a really close second place is when she decides to wear skin tight yoga pants that put their booty on blast.

Lucky for you and me, Aussie model Steph Pacca does both quite frequently, having no shame in letting everyone know that she works hard for that moneymaker of hers.

Pacca is a personal trainer who gets paid to look good, so I’d give her a perfect 100 after seeing how amazing she looks on her IG.

Sun for the soul in @delmaar_latinswimwear #delmaar 👙💕☀️

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x 2 🍑 REAL TALK Let's talk about stretch marks. I know now days with social media we see so many picture perfect body's and particularly photos of women who have flawless skin & bikini bods. Not all.. But majority of photos on here are edited/airbrushed/photoshopped. Whether we like it or not, that's the reality. We want to look perfect and we want everyone else to think the same. We want to look the best we possibly can. But the truth is, everyone has imperfections whether it be stretch marks or not (of which I have many, especially around my curvy parts- hips/bum/thighs). It is nothing to be ashamed of and it's perfectly normal. Studies prove that approx 70% of adolescent women have stretch marks, 40% of men, and 75-90% of pregnant women develop stretch marks at some stage during their pregnancy. Stretch marks have caused anguish and insecurities in men and women for many years im sure.. As I know I used to be soo insecure about them too. But for all of you people out there that think they have to suffer from stretch marks alone and think that yours are worse than others.. Stopppppp✋🏻 because you are not alone. They are beautiful and they are perfectly normal. When you grow, they might too. There are always ways to reduce them and make them less visible (bio oil is great, also coffee scrubs and oils) but most of us have to live with them. So embrace them & be confident in the skin your in!! ❤️💜

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Sunday well spent 🌞 @balivillairis #balivillairis

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