Bar Refaeli Dressed Up as Santa Claus and Went for a Walk Around New York City

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Because we just know some asshole is going to say, “Wait, isn't she Jewish?” we'll leave you with this, via Haaretz, Israel's oldest daily newspaper:

“Bar Refaeli Does Santa Claus” was one of the provocative headlines given this week to reports on a picture posted by the famous Israeli supermodel on her Instagram account, in which she is seen wearing a Santa suit – or half a Santa suit, to be exact – in order to promote her underclothing firm Under Me.

Refaeli, already in hot water with zealous Israelis for daring to express regret for innocent victims on “both sides” of last month’s Gaza conflict, was once again castigated for showcasing the overtly Christian Santa rather than posing with a Hanukkah dreidel or menorah or some other Jewish holiday. “Why don’t you just convert?” wrote one of Refaeli’s irate fans.

But while dressing up as Santa might be considered an intolerable aberration in increasingly insular Israel, in America it has turned into what can almost be described as a Jewish tradition, or a “Christmas Mitzvah,” as Dr Joshua Eli Plaut so entertainingly details in his new book, “A Kosher Christmas: Tis the Season to be Jewish” published by Rutgers University Press this month.

Though the newest flap with Refaeli occurred after the book came out – and may not have been what Plaut had in mind when he wrote it – his book devotes a whole chapter to the growing phenomenon of Jews who volunteer to dress up as Santa for the benefit of their Christian friends and neighbors. “The main motivations for playing the role of Santa are to make children happy and to spread holiday cheer and goodwill,” Plaut writes, which certainly holds true for Refaeli, at least among older children of the male variety.


Via her Instagram, she looks even better in color:

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