There Are Some Real Heavy Hitters in this Week’s Hottie Index

by 6 years ago

Bar Refaeli

Sex tapes are awesome, but we know Bar Refaeli would never make one. Yet we commend her for playing into the idea in a clip she put together for this week. Some female celebrities run and hide when they hear the name sex tape, but Refaeli embraces the thought if only she had some money from the public to help her get things started. The thing is that the money would actually come that quickly. Now let’s get that sex tape on the record while raising money to cure cancer and we’d really have something.

Kristin Stewart

It had been a few weeks since Stewart’s been in the news. The boning of a movie producer she denies doing is apparently an afterthought as her and Robert Pattinson seem back together. He must’ve been banging it out on the side too. With the newest Twilight movie still 6 weeks away from theatres, Stewart’s PR team felt it needed to do something to maintain her relevance in the public space, so they made sure to release some screen caps of her topless in the movie “Off The Road” which debuts in the U.K. next week and hits America in December. If she’s getting naked for attention that quickly, she’ll be the one with an actual sex tape out in the very near future.

Anna Kendrick

Chicks I know seem pretty amped about the new movie “Pitch Perfect,” which comes out this weekend. It’s along the same lines as Fox’s TV show “Glee” which is a highly music production. Obviously it’s not anything that any of us bros should be seeing. The lead, however, is played by Kendrick who should blossom into one of our favorite young actresses. She’s got a little Anne Hathaway in her look and we all know how much we love Hathaway. You may remember her from “Up in the Air” or “50/50” which are both movies somewhat acceptable to watch. She’s like two movies away from getting naked in an indie film. (Or so I hope.)

Stacy Keibler

The quickest way to have George Clooney break up with you is to talk about marriage. If you wanna stick around, don’t mention the word, don’t look at rings, don’t say you want to have kids. Clooney has no desire for any of that. Just ask Elisabetta Canalis, the last one to want marriage with Clooney before soon finding herself on the curb. Keibler was looking at wedding rings last week and the rumors soon started that she was on the way out. Apparently she begged George to take her back by offering morning bl*w jobs and an*l every night and he took her back.

Kate Upton

We end with our favorite girl. It’s been a while since she’s been on this list because it’s too easy to include her. But it’s a slow week, she’s all kinds of awesome and her pics this week from Cosmo give you an instant boner. Even the outtakes are entertaining too. (And by entertaining I mean that watching her t*ts bounce around puts me in a good mood.)

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