We Are Baring Everything in This Week’s Hottie Index

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News broke this week that Terry Richardson (you know that real creepy looking dude who keeps getting hot chicks to scantily clad pictures for him) propositioned a model Emma J. Appleton in return for a Vogue shoot (Ed. Note: It was revealed today to be hoax). It shouldn’t be surprising. Just looking at the fucking guy. He’s a creeper if I’ve ever seen one. It’s really surprising he got this far without getting blown up in the day of social media. Why do we care? Well for as much as a rat bastard as he was, he brought us some good spank bank material. It’s kinda bittersweet.

Heidi Klum


So you know we can’t directly link to nudity on BroBible and we have our reasons, but that doesn’t mean we can’t tell you what to look for. Klum was traveling in Mexico this week and she may’ve gotten topless…twice. (We’ll give you a couple minutes to Google that.) She certainly doesn’t look bad for a 40-year old broad and the topless thing shouldn’t be a surprise given her German roots and modeling career. I will say that I preferred her with about 5 extra pounds or so. Those tits just don’t look as big as they used to be.

Brooke Burke


Once again we travel to the cougar division to enjoy Burke. The 42-year old Connecticut native stole our hearts when she was on E!, but she’s kept up with the times over the years despite drifting off the radar a little bit. She looked rather fantastic while posing for Skechers this week. You have to hand it to Skechers. They’ve had one hell of a week between this and Meb Keflezighi rocking the brand when he won the Boston Marathon. (Yeah, a guy won the Boston Marathon in Skechers. I’m just as fucking surprised as you.)

Lea Michelle


Music videos generally have to be kept at a certain PG level with the odd exception like Robin Thicke’s unrated version of “Blurred Lines.” Given Michele’s role on Glee, I’m pretty sure she wasn’t looking to do the Thicke route. Fortunately there seemed to be some cameras that weren’t on the official payroll while her new music video was being shot. That’s how it turned out Michele was caught with her top down mid-song. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t supposed to happen. Oops. Maybe she’s a Janet Jackson fan and we never knew.

Kendall Jenner


We can never get enough Kendall Jenner now that she’s of age. Imagine how people must’ve felt last weekend when they saw her wandering around Coachella. She might’ve been the best looking girl there, so she was turning heads anyway. Then the other shoe drops when you realize it’s her. Maybe some guys needed a trip to those nasty porta-potties after catching her fantasy ass in those pants and the rest of her in a cut-off white shirt. Those who were rolling probably thought they were seeing things.

Laura Kopel

We like fresh faces here at the Index, so we’re embracing the newest Instagram sensation. Besides, Jen Setler’s 15 minutes of fame must be up pretty soon despite how hot her ass is. Thankfully our crack staff has some Insta creepers in it and that’s how we found Kopel. Or maybe we should say found Kopel’s ass. If you like a nice full one, this butt’s for you.

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