Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Beautiful Charlotte McKinney’s Scorching Vanity Fair Photoshoot (VIDEO)

Charlotte McKinney is so hot right now. Well technically she’s so hot all of the time. She’s approaching Kate Upton dominance, but don’t tell her that because she is “over it.”

With her screen-melting body and beautiful face, she has become the “It Girl.” The absolute smokeshow was recently on Dancing with the Stars and she is set to appear on Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser. She does an interview with Vanity Fair where she describes being bullied for her ginormous breasts. Who are these people? I’ll stab them.

She also did a fantastic photoshoot where she takes a dip in the pool.

In other news, I just applied for whatever the fuck this guy’s job is.


You can see more glorious photos of the captivating Charlotte and read all 376 words about the beautiful model over at Vanity Fair.

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