Wilderness Babe Beka Garris Loves To Bowfish And Wear Bikinis, Often Both At The Same Time

by 3 years ago

“Look like a LADY, hunt like a BOSS,” says Beka Garris’ Instagram profile. I’d say we’re definitely down with that.

We do love us some outdoorsy women here, that’s for sure, and Beka Garris definitely fills the bill.

Now I don’t know much about Beka other than she has a sweet Instagram game, so I went in search to learn more. What I found was an article from 2014 on ExtremeHuntress.com in which she gave these insightful quotes…

Contrary to some peoples beliefs, I do not care about becoming famous. Hunting is my passion, fame is not. What I would like to become is a role model for young women and new hunters. I shoot does, and management bucks. I hunt every day I can. I abide by the laws and strongly believe in the ethics of hunting. I love to cook and eat the game I harvest.

The hunting industry is no longer a man’s world. I plan to portray women hunters across the world as strong and independent. It’s ok to be a girl, yet be tough.

Sounds like a woman after our hearts, bros. Peep her pics then throw her a follow on Facebook. You won’t be sorry.