Bella Thorne Has Been Over In Cannes Doing Some Sunbathing And Hanging Out With… Lord Disick?!

Remember how wayyyy back two weeks ago we told you about the 21-year-old model Scott Disick, 34, was hanging out with? Yeah, well, forget all that.

Now the Lord is in Cannes chilling on the beach and getting VERY cozy with none other than 19-year-old Snapchat queen Bella Thorne.

Hang on, wasn’t Thorne just out on a date with Kendall Jenner’s ex Jordan Clarkson earlier this month? Why yes, yes she was.

Man, this might be the most perfect pairing of two celebrities in the history of celebrities. I hope these two end up getting married.

Aww, snap. Hold up a second. What’s this? In the couple of days since his cuddle sesh with Thorne Disick has already moved on to yet ANOTHER woman named Chloe Bartolli? The hell?

Lord’s gonna Lord, I guess.

Bella doesn’t seem too thrilled, however.

So much for that dream marriage, I guess. Damn.

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