Duke Adult Film Star Belle Knox Appears on ‘The View,’ Discusses Her Many Unreleased Films

by 5 years ago


The media blitz for Duke’s porn star, Belle Knox, continues unabated. A few weeks after appearing on Piers Morgan and granting interviews to more publications, Belle went on the The View to cover some of the same ground she’s been covering since the first Chronicle piece and her XOJane essay: namely, why she decided to do porn, why she doesn’t feel like a victim of the industry, and why the death threats from fellow porn-watching Duke students are a bit messed up.

There’s a lot of idiocy to be found in this latest appearance—not from Belle, who seems pretty poised at this point for an 18-year-old with newfound fame; but from anti-vaccination crusader Jenny McCarthy, a remarkable moron who talks down to Belle the entire time as if McCarthy didn’t make her bones from Playboy pictorials and hosting Singled Out. The panel also looks stunned when Belle says she began watching porn at 12, a fact that’s somewhat surprising, but not really worthy of Sherri Shepherd reacting like a 1950s Baptist preacher.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of Knox’s work, it seems like she’s currently sitting on a motherload of a material. The country’s most famous coed revealed she’s filmed between 25-30 films, most of which have not been released.

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