Bikini Model Hits Streets To Ask Strangers For Donations To Get A Boob Job, Dude Offers Aggressive Proposal

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A Norwegian model parked outside London’s South Bank in a bikini to ask strangers for spare cash to get herself a “boob job.” In a bit organized by YouTube personalities DengisV and Jasonmoments, Juliane Snekkestad held a sign attempting to raise £5,000 for breast cancer by holding a sign ‘Model: Need money for boob job.’ She never intended on going under the knife.

Reception was mixed. Many people passed by her asking for selfies, others whistled in her direction, a couple horny kids dropped some cash in her cup, and one ultra-thirsty dude extended her an interesting proposition. The dude, whose identity was not released on camera, said “I’ll give you a grand for a night with me. To help you out.” This dude obviously subscribed to the mantra: ‘no swings, no hits.’ Can’t hate it.

One female stopped her for a lecture, telling the model “It’s not about image, it’s about what’s in you and expressing that and not something that’s only on your body.” Relax, Lena Dunham.

It’s unclear how much money Juliane raised for the cause, but gotta tip my cap to her for having the stones go through with it.

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