Brazzers New Tech Venture Will Forever Change The Way Anyone Enjoys Adult Entertainment

by 4 years ago


The adult entertainment industry titan, BRAZZERS just blew a sensational, victory load all over the preconceived notion that 3D porn is as good as it’s gonna get. Yes, reports are comin’ in hot off the wire, which reveal BRAZZERS is teaming up with ex-geospatial imaging and NASA engineers (experts in advanced tech. imaging field) to take big daddy steps towards building the technology necessary to successfully create 4D porn. But what does that imply?

Future concept projects floating around right now within the fantasy, but soon (hopefully) to be reality world of 4D porn include Virtual Reality Simulation Porn, Hologram Porn, and Nerve Impulse Implants. BRAZZERS Product Director, Mario Nardstein told the press that “the biggest question we asked ourselves before looking into wearable tech porn was, does advanced technology really bring us closer to content? Or will the content itself bring people closer to it? Our solution: make the content inclusive, immersive, and engaging and they will come – in more ways than one.”


Can we get a round of slow claps for that golden, devilishly clever one-liner at the end? It’s beautiful to see the world’s smartest engineers coming together with the dudes behind one of the world’s most iconically effective pleasure command centers to make some magic.

And just when you thought that was all the good news you could possibly take home on a Thursday from the adult entertainment industry, besides stumbling across a new batch of HD free vids, you should also know that BRAZZERS is launching BrazzersNow–“a fully safe-for-work platform that will feature behind-the-scenes, user-generated, and pop culture content related to the adult entertainment industry.”

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