Charlie Sheen’s Ex, Brett Rossi, Opens Up To Us About Why She Got Back Into Porn, How She ‘All-In’ This Time

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Most people only know the name Brett Rossi because of the other name that’s always attached to it, Charlie Sheen. Heck, I’m pretty sure I included him in the headline up there.

But that’s not going to be the case for long if Brett has her way.

After years outside of the porn industry, a more mature, confident Rossi says she’s back, and ready to do it all.

And she really does mean ALL.

But in this day-and-age, she thinks she can become one of porn’s crossover stars, and is also acting in a SFW sketch comedy series, Porn Soup.

We spoke with Rossi on the phone a couple Fridays ago about how hard it is to get back into porn after a long lay-off, what her life was like when she left the business, who she dates, and how she’s the female porn version of Leonardo DiCaprio.

What follows is a lightly edited transcript.

BroBible [after our first couple calls got dropped]: You’re a hard one to get in touch with.

Brett Rossi: Sorry, I need to throw my iPhone against the wall. It doesn’t text, people can’t hear me. I dunno, I need to bite the bullet and buy a new one, but iPhones are so expensive. I’m trying to hold on to this one as long as possible.

BB: I think we all know that feeling. So, tell me a little about Porn Soup, your new YouTube show

BR: Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrera, two really good friends of mine, hit me up and said “Hey, we have this web sketch comedy thing that we’re trying to do, and we want you to be in it for an episode to play the sex-obsessed mother of one of our neighbors.”

So I show up and everyone is like “Oh my god, we have to make Billy’s mom a reoccurring character.” So that’s how that started.

But as you know, I’ve also been filming some adult movies.


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