Charlie Sheen’s Ex, Brett Rossi, Opens Up To Us About Why She Got Back Into Porn, How She ‘All-In’ This Time

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Most people only know the name Brett Rossi because of the other name that’s always attached to it, Charlie Sheen. Heck, I’m pretty sure I included him in the headline up there.

But that’s not going to be the case for long if Brett has her way.

After years outside of the porn industry, a more mature, confident Rossi says she’s back, and ready to do it all.

And she really does mean ALL.

But in this day-and-age, she thinks she can become one of porn’s crossover stars, and is also acting in a SFW sketch comedy series, Porn Soup.

We spoke with Rossi on the phone a couple Fridays ago about how hard it is to get back into porn after a long lay-off, what her life was like when she left the business, who she dates, and how she’s the female porn version of Leonardo DiCaprio.

What follows is a lightly edited transcript.

BroBible [after our first couple calls got dropped]: You’re a hard one to get in touch with.

Brett Rossi: Sorry, I need to throw my iPhone against the wall. It doesn’t text, people can’t hear me. I dunno, I need to bite the bullet and buy a new one, but iPhones are so expensive. I’m trying to hold on to this one as long as possible.

BB: I think we all know that feeling. So, tell me a little about Porn Soup, your new YouTube show

BR: Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrera, two really good friends of mine, hit me up and said “Hey, we have this web sketch comedy thing that we’re trying to do, and we want you to be in it for an episode to play the sex-obsessed mother of one of our neighbors.”

So I show up and everyone is like “Oh my god, we have to make Billy’s mom a reoccurring character.” So that’s how that started.

But as you know, I’ve also been filming some adult movies.


BB: Yes. Why did you leave porn in the first place?

BR: When I left in 2013, I was kinda going through not.. a mid life crisis, but a, I was 24 …

BB: A quarter-life crisis?

BR: Yea, a quarter-life crisis, and I just kind of was, when you get into this business, you make so much money. I was really popular girl-girl performer, I was making all this money, but it just felt like society wanted me to have a normal job, I felt like I had to do that one thing: be a doctor, nurse, lawyer, teacher, to measure my success, even though I was extremely successful. So I went to nursing school.

BB: How was that change?

BR: The transition was extremely difficult. You are used to being dolled up every single day, you are used to sometimes only working one day a week. You could make your own schedule, call up a friend, say let’s go on vacation. My life was much more flexible than civilian, Monday to Friday life. It was so difficult to adjust to that regulated schedule. So that, and it was such a major adjustment in my social life: How do you tell people, “Hey, I was a successful porn star.”

BB: How did you tell everyone?

BR: I’m such an honest person, I couldn’t lie. Eventually everyone in my nursing school class realized, “This chick pays for school in cash, has a new car, pays for everybody’s lunch, but she has no rich family and no job.” So when they started to ask, I told them.


BB: So did you ever go into nursing?

BR: No. I quit before I graduated because I [that was around when] I started dating my ex, and he wanted me to be a housewife.

BB: Charlie?

BR: Yea. Charlie. It was one of those things where, obviously, he was very successful, so he felt I didn’t need to work, and he didn’t want me to work. I’d been working in show business since I was 14, when I started out on the runway. I enjoyed not working for the first six months, then I went crazy. You can only do so much to keep an active mind and I would constantly be doing things to keep myself occupied, stimulated. I got very depressed. Everyone would talk about their day, and all I did was watch 50 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.

BB: Is that why you decided to get back in?

BR: Yea. I started thinking about going back to the business for a while. It wasn’t like I made the decision over night. I thought about it for a year, started thinking more intensely about it last summer. I knew I was in a good place. When I first got in, I was really young, only 20, and was like, oh yea, money, whatever. Now, this time, I want it to be more liberating.

I really made this decision based off wanting to explore sexual sides I had not, that I had to suppress because I was married before. Now, I want to come back and make a splash in the mainstream and the adult worlds. Go back and forth. Do both.

BB: So how does one go about getting back into to porn?

BR: Well, I was really close with Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrera. They are like the porn power couple. They both have been in the business for so long, which is what I admire about them. It’s very easy to skyrocket to the top, it’s very hard to maintain that, to keep an even keel without fading out too quickly. So many [in porn] get too famous too fast and disappear. They don’t handle their career. Think about how many popular girls you used to know but now never hear about. They didn’t manage it well.

But Kayden and Manuel, they’ve been in the business for 20 years. So I approached them, and said I was ready to get back and do it right. I would do boy-girl, go hard, be fucking 24 7, do showcases. No way I was gonna come back after being on every tabloid and on every national TV network and be like, “Hey.”

No, I want to do something that rocks the boat. If not, why even bother.

BB: How are you going to the rock the boat?

BR: I already filmed a movie called Delicious, and I think it’s coming out, I have no idea, [It is out now, but we can’t link to it] but I shot this movie, and it’s the hardest I’ve ever gone. I came right out with a boy girl scene. Up to then I’d only done lesbian porn. I did my first boy boy girl scene, and did a seven-guy blow bang. And the thing is the movie is completely authentic.


BB: How did you prepare for all that?

BR: I didn’t, I didn’t have sex before, I don’t even date. Having sex with Manuel on camera was first time I had sex in four or five months. It’s all authentic and real, and that’s rare, especially in the business.

BB: You mention you don’t date anyone?

BR: It started out nobody wanted to date me because of my association with my ex. Every time I went somewhere there were paparazzi taking photos. So it started like that, this really sucks for everyone involved. Then I realized I’m not really completely over my ex, so I need to take time, needed to get back working. Now, I’m super busy and I have such high standards. I’m gonna be 27. I’ve been married, divorced, and had a failed engagement. I’m at that maturity level that most people don’t reach until their late 40s. I won’t date anyone not in their 40s.

So it’s just that I have a particular type of guy I want to date, and it’s one that’s tough to find. I’m happy to do my own thing. And when I want sex I can go to work.

BB: What are your goals the second time around?

BR: I don’t have a time frame for how long I want to do this. I used to be such like a planner, and now I realized that’s pointless, life is ever evolving, always changing. That said, I’ve been nominated a billion times in the past, so it would be nice to win an award. That’s right, I wanna win a porn award. it’s just I’ve being nominated so many times and never won.

BR: You’re like Leo!

BR: Yeah!! I’m like the female porno version of Leo. I’ve done such great work. It’s like, okay, cool, why didn’t win? So, yea, I wanna win an award this time around.  

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