British Tabloid Site Is Asking Everyday Chicks To Send Cleavage Pics For A Chance To Win $, Here Are The Hottest Entries

by 3 years ago

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A British tabloid site called the Sun is doing God’s work by asking their readers to send in their busty selfies for a chance to take home £1,000 ($1,430) and the everlasting glory of being named the Best Bust in Britain.

The website claims it has received hundreds of entries from everyday girls who think the have what it takes to boob their way to the winner’s podium.

I’m not sure if this is strictly limited to British readers, but it would be nice to get some American boobies in the mix to add some international flavor. If you think you have award-winning cleavage, you can upload yours at – entries close at midnight on Sunday, April 10.

For now, here are the entries that The Sun deems are the most likely to take home the big chest. Sorry, *check. I would have to agree…

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